Roadtrip Wrapup

Well after three games, eight states, and over 1400 miles we’re finally back home. And as I said I would I’ve posted scans of all the cards I got signed on the trip.

Here’s the ones from game one in Lexington.

TL: Greg Billo, TR: Greg Billo, BL: Greg Billo, BR: Michael Antonio

TL: Greg Billo, TR: Greg Billo, BL: Greg Billo, BR: Michael Antonio

And the three cards from game two in St. Louis.

L: Evan Gattis, M: Dan Uggla, R: Roger McDowell

L: Evan Gattis, M: Dan Uggla, R: Roger McDowell

And finally the cards from game three in Jackson.

L: Joc Pederson, M: Brian Cavazos-Galvez, R: Chris Reed

L: Joc Pederson, M: Brian Cavazos-Galvez, R: Chris Reed

Top Row: Jabari Blash, BL: James Jones, BR: Jack Marder

Top Row: Jabari Blash, BL: James Jones, BR: Jack Marder’

Thanks again for following along!

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Roadtrip: Day 4

Well as you may have already read, we drove from Belleville, IL to Jackson, TN for the Generals vs. Lookouts game. I really enjoyed the Generals and the Ballpark at Jackson. I’ve never gotten as much hospitality as I did there. We started talking to the guys at the gate and told them about our trip. They let us in to look around at about 5:15 and then let us in with the season ticket holders at 5:30. It didn’t make a difference, but it was still pretty cool. Jimmy, the gate keeper was a really nice, fellow Braves fan. If Jimmy ever reads this, you’re the man!


We started off with the Lookouts players on the first base dugout. I got Brian Cavaos-Galvez on his team set card from last year, and then Joc Pederson came over to sign. Pederson is a high profiled prospect. He signed one card of six for me. I can understand not signing duplicate cards, but four of the cards were different, and not to mention he just threw the pen on the book when he finished. Jerk. He’s good though, he ended up hitting a bomb in his second at bat. I then moved over to the third base side and got some Generals players. The first was Jack Marder. He signed a card for me and was a nice guy. I also got Jabari Blash of the Virgin Islands and James Jones to sign for me. Both of these guys were super nice guys! Jones inscribed 2 Timothy 1:7 on the card which is really awesome. That verse reads, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Very cool. Rooting for that guy to make it in baseball.

The game was a pitchers duel and hits were at a premium. There were two homers though. I already mentioned Pederson, but Jabari Blash hit a “Blash Blast” that put the Generals in the lead. The Generals had the lead in the ninth, but the Lookouts scored a run on a wild pitch, and we went to extras. The extras were entertaining. Pinch runners, shifts, bunts, pitching changes, and all kinds of strategies to try to win the game. It was great to see. The Lookouts scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Overall, it was a good experience. I was able to get Chris Reed’s autograph after the game. He was charting in the stands. I did miss out on Zach Lee, but I got a few of his cards signed last year in Chattanooga.


The roadtrip has been a blast. Nothing like baseball and seeing places you never have. I’ll be posting scans of all my cards when I get home tomorrow. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily blogs.

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Roadtrip: Day 3

Yes, I know this post is late, but I was exhausted after the game last night and I’ve spent the first half of today driving from Belleville, IL to Jackson, TN. I’m now relaxing in our hotel for tonight so let me give you a recap of yesterday.

We began the day with the St. Louis Zoo. A friend recommended it, plus it was free, except $15 to park. So it wasn’t actually free. But here’s the thing about zoos. I love them. I’m like a little kid. I had a blast seeing all the animals. I took a bunch of pictures. Here’s some of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then headed back into downtown St. Louis and parked for the day and found a place to eat. We decided on Joe Buck’s Restaurant where we had some BBQ. I had the ribs and brisket combo which was great. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was good and I did enjoy it. What I did not enjoy is Missouri’s lack of sweet tea. In my opinion, if your state has an SEC school, you have to serve sweet tea.

After lunch we started walking down to the Gateway Arch. We had intentions of going to the top, but it was $14 and took an hour so we were content on just going there and seeing it.


We then headed to Busch Stadium to try to get some autographs as the Braves made their way from the hotel. Now I had read and been told that St. Louis was a terrible place for autos and the reports were accurate. There were eBayers everywhere and they were all idiots and just went about autographs all wrong. Most of the players took carts to the back of the stadium but a few walked from the Westin. The first auto I got was Roger McDowell on a card. Then we got a pleasant surprise from a former Brave. A cart passed carrying the awful B.J. Upton and the one and only John Andrew Smoltz. We sprinted down to the press gate and were excited to see he was signing. I was able to get Smoltz to sign a baseball for me. I wish I had asked him to inscribe 96 Cy Young but I still think it looks great.

IMG_0563 IMG_0564

Once in we headed to the Braves dugout where they were beginning to stretch, I quickly ran to Andrelton Simmons and tried to get a ball signed, but he left before he got to me. I then moved to Evan Gattis and got El Oso Blanco to sign a 2012 Topps Minor League Heritage. Shortly, I saw a ball coming toward me so I put my hand up. The ball was meant to go to the girl next to me, we both went for it, and it went off our hands. Somebody picked it up and gave it to a kid. I felt bad about it, so I went out into the outfield and caught a batting practice homerun ball on the bounce and took it over to her. She gave me a Dan Uggla card that she had gotten signed for the ball. I was cool with that. Noone else came over to sign after that.


When the game was about to start we slipped in behind the usher and found some great seats down the third base line. We were only planning on staying there for a few, but we ended up being there the whole time. I met up with Kraig, one of my fellow summer interns that lives in the St. Louis area and he watched the game with us. It’s the first time I’ve been to a game where someone with me pulled for the opposing team. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see Kraig again. The Braves lost, but it was a great time at Busch Stadium.


After the game we tried to get some autographs, but it was more of the same. The idiot eBayers and the players not stopping to sign. I did talk to Fredi Gonzalez on his way to the hotel though.

Now I’m about to get my cards ready for this evening, and I’ll write that post up tonight after the game. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check back tonight.

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Roadtrip: Day 2


Well today began with a 6:45 wake up call thanks to a malfunctioning fire alarm. Thanks La Quinta. We also had a change of plans as we decided to bypass the afternoon game with the Legends because we had gotten everything we had with us signed on Tuesday. Rest easy though because we still did some baseball related activities as we headed to Louisville to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. This was a really cool experience. We toured the whole factory and saw bats being made for big leaguers. Today, or at least during our tour, they were making bats for Atlanta Braves outfielder B.J. Upton. Pretty cool. Shortly after, we finished the tour and went to the batting cages where I swung at 30 pitches using a replica of Hank Aaron’s bat. Wow, that thing was a monster. I swung and missed at probably the first six pitches before I finally started making contact. I’m fairly certain I looked a lot like Hammerin’ Hank from that point forward.


After taking some cuts we headed to find some food. We settled for Bluegrass Brewing Company. Great choice. The food and atmosphere were outstanding. I had a brisket quesadilla. Simply amazing.


After lunch we made our way back to the car and headed on to Belleville, IL to our hotel. We stopped at a card shop in O’Fallon, IL where we scanned through some cards and memorabilia and talked to the owner and another customer about baseball for a good while.

We finally left and checked into our hotel. It’s a nice one. Not!! We then went and checked out what is known as The Most Hideous Field in America. The turf at Lindenwood Stadium, home of the Lindenwood University-Belleville Lynx, is truly one of a kind and pretty awful looking. See for yourself.

IMG_0473 IMG_0476

We then found some food at Tavern on Main. Good food, but nothing special. Now we’re relaxing in the hotel. Long day ahead for tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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Roadtrip: Day 1

IMG_0436Well me any my brother left home at 5:00am this morning and made the trek to Lexington, KY. We arrived shortly after 11 and quickly found lunch. We still had some time before we could check into the hotel, so we found a card shop, Baseball card Warehouse, and headed that way. We scanned the cards for a while, and found some singles that we can hopefully get signed on this trip. I also picked up a few Braves cards that I didn’t have. I got mostly prospect cards. I picked up an Alex Wood card that I’m hoping to get signed in St. Louis. While we were at this card shop, we were telling the owner what we were doing and about our trip, and he gave us his tickets for tonight’s game. So if the owner of Baseball Card Warehouse in Lexington, KY ever reads this, THANK YOU!

After a short power nap in the hotel, we headed back into Lexington to grab some food. We had already decided we were going to try Hugh Jass Burgers (haha). We picked right as, the Bluegrass Burger was one of my favorite burgers of all time. Delicious!


If you’re ever in Lexington, KY and are in the mood for a burger, you’ve got to try this place. The burgers were great and the hand cut fries were phenomenal.

We bummed around UK for a few and then headed to Whitaker Bank Ballpark. We waited around for a little bit for the gates to open and met a collector from Cedar Rapids, IA. When the gates opened, we checked out the fan shop and made our way here:

IMG_0441Here we were able to get every autograph we needed for the Legends including first round draft picks Bubba Starling and Hunter Dozier. We got a few other players on cards, but I’ll scan all my cards when I get home on Saturday. Here’s a picture of Starling walking off to warm up right after he signed for us.


The game was very entertaining. The Legends trailed for most of the game until Mark Donato hit an absolute bomb that put them up 6-3, and they never looked back. Fred Ford threw me a third out ball early in the game, so that was a nice souvenir. Thanks, Fred. After the game, I added another first round draft pick, this one from the San Francisco Giants, Chris Stratton, a Mississippi State product. Not every night that you’re able to get three first round draft picks on baseballs. Here’s a picture of all three:


On the way out of the stadium, I snapped this picture from behind the left center wall.


Tomorrow, we go back to the Legends game for a noon game and then make the drive to Belleville, IL, a St. Louis suburb. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post. Thanks for reading.

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It’s been a while, folks, but I’m back in Georgia. The summer was a fun one in Jacksonville, but I’m glad to be back home. I stayed really busy so I only went to two Suns games while I was down there. Kind of a bummer, but oh well. Since you last heard from me, I’ve finished college. Graduated and all. So as a gift to myself, I’m taking a baseball roadtrip. On Tuesday morning, my brother and I are heading to Lexington, KY. We’ll stay there for the night and see the Legends take on the Augusta Greenjackets for a 12:30 game. We’re looking forward to seeing Bubba Starling and Hunter Dozier. After the game, we’re trekking from Lexington to Belleville, IL, a St. Louis suburb. There, we’ll hang around on Thursday and then attend the Braves vs. Cardinals game that evening. On Friday, we’ll drive from Belleville to Jackson, TN and see the Jackson Generals host the Chattanooga Lookouts. We’ll then drive back home on Saturday. 

There should be some good posts headed your way, so keep an eye out.

Be sure to follow the trip on Twitter @JBoggus

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2013 > 2012

Some of you may know, last year I had the worst luck ripping packs of any kind of cards. Well I finally broke down and bought two packs of the 2013 Bowman set today and pulled an autograph on the first pack. I pulled one autograph in all of 2012, so I’m pretty excited. The auto is from Rockies prospect Max White. Here’s a scan of the card:

Max White


Hopefully the better luck will continue. As of now, this card is for trade. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks for reading.

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I do not sell any of my autographs.

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Suns vs. Bay Bears Round 2

I headed back to Bragan Field on Tuesday night, accompanied by fellow intern Brad, to finish up what I couldn’t get done on Sunday night. Upon arriving, we found our way to the Bay Bears dugout to wait on Archie Bradley. He finally emerged from the clubhouse close to game time, so I quickly got him to sign for me. Here’s the ball.


It’s a good looking auto despite the fact it looks NOTHING like the name Archie Bradley. We stayed in those seats by the dugout for the first inning. Here, I snapped a picture of Logan Morrison of the Miami Marlins who was in Jacksonville on a rehab assignment.


Also making a rehab start was Daniel Hudson of the Diamondbacks. I actually got his autograph TTM back in the fall. Here’s that post. I snapped a picture of him pitching in the first inning.


After grabbing some grub, Brad and I found some seats above the first base dugout.

IMG_0137We watched the majority of the game from this place. The game went by VERY slow, but it was a good close game, so that kept it entertaining. In the eighth inning, we headed to the seats down by the Suns dugout. I took a few pics from those seats.


Here’s a picture of Marlins number two prospect Jake Marisnick in the on deck circle.


The Suns scored four runs in the eighth to take the lead. The big blow was a two run, go ahead homer by outfielder Kyle Jensen. I got a picture of Jensen crossing the plate.


Marisnick cracked a bat earlier in the game, and I tried to get it after the game, but it was the bat he used to hit two grand slams and nine RBI in ONE game so he wanted to keep it. Totally understandable. He was a really nice guy and signed two cards for me anyway. He also said he’d give me a broken bat another time. So I got two Marisnick autos instead.

Marisnick 1

Marisnick 2

After Marisnick signed, I asked Suns second baseman if he’d sign for me, and he came over and signed this 2012 Bowman Chrome for me.


Now let’s flashback to Sunday night, where I wasn’t able to get much done. The first auto I got Sunday night was Mobile’s Jon Griffin. He’s a big first baseman that didn’t play either night, but he had a pinch hit appearance in Tuesday’s game.


Also before Sunday’s game, I got catcher Raywilly Gomez to sign for me. He didn’t play Sunday or Tuesday either.


Last. but not least on Sunday I got Andrew Chaffin to sign after the game. He was Sunday’s starter so I missed him before the game, but he was really nice and signed for me outside Mobile’s locker room.

ChafinI hope to get back to a Suns game as soon as possible. They’re a whole lot of fun, and autographs are pretty easy once you get the feel of the stadium. Until next time, have a good one. Thanks for reading.

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I do not sell any of my autographs.

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Suns vs. Bay Bears 6/2

As you read Saturday, I went to the Jacksonville Suns game on Sunday night, as they took on the Mobile Bay Bears, and I have to say, it didn’t go as planned. I really wanted to get Archie Bradley of Mobile and Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick of Jacksonville. I got neither of those three. Bradley charted so he was nowhere to be found after the game and apparently Marisnick was out of the lineup after he was hit by a pitch on Saturday night. As for Yelich, I missed him while waiting for Bradley. Let’s get to it. I arrived at Bragan Field around 5:30. I typically am there before gates open, but I’ve found there’s really no point. Here’s a shot of the field upon arriving.


After taking this pic, I moved down to the Bay Bears dugout where I tried to land Bradley. Apparently he signed at like 5:15. Bummer. I ended up getting two autos during pregame. After searching the Suns merchandise store and the playing of the National Anthem, I found myself watching the first pitch from here:


The Suns leadoff hitter is also the Marlins number one prospect. Here he is in his first AB:


I watched a few images from this spot, and then I moved around the field and a little closer, to this spot, right above the Bay Bears’ dugout.


This is where the fireworks really started. After a bang bang play where Bay Bears first baseman Nick Evans came off the bag and came back down to get the out, Suns manager Andy Barkett came out to argue. I figured it was going to be good as Barkett sprinted out of the dugout. I caught some great shots of the whole sequence.


And then I got to see something I’ve never seen. He gone!


Then another umpire had to come help defuse the situation.


Notice where they’re standing because Barkett decided to keep the show going by tossing his hat like he had just received a diploma.

IMG_0118Last but not least, he then kicked his hat on his way to the dugout.


I then decided to walk around and take in the scene from around the park. Here’s a shot from the right field bleachers.


I then went to the Bay Bears bullpen. This is a cool place to watch a game because you get to hear everything they talk about, watch their little games, and see their routine when it’s time to get loose. I took a picture of Steve Garrison getting loose. Mainly for Joey.


I’m going to hold off on the autograph pics for now. I really struck out. I was able to get Andrew Chaffin after the game. He started the game for Mobile and pitched 8.2 really good innings. I’m planning on going back tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll just post all of my autograph pictures then.

As always, thanks for reading.

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I do not sell any of my autographs.

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Updates from J’Ville

I realize it’s been forever since you last heard from me, but I’m returning to the MiLB scene tomorrow night at the Jacksonville Suns game as they take on the Mobile Bay Bears. I’ll definitely be looking to get autos from Marisnick and Yelich, and there’s a few more that would be clutch to land. Stay tuned for a post game blog in the next few days.

As for the life in Jacksonville, I’m enjoying it, but things could get better, but that’s a long story. Tomorrow will be my first Suns game since I got here one month ago. As always, thanks for reading.

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